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"Framed" Wins the Prestigious Prix Intersection 2023

Written byHamza Ouamari
-31 July 2023
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While I'm not usually one to focus on awards, I can't hide my excitement for the recognition of a project that's very close to my heart. Those who have been following me for a while have surely heard of 'Framed'. Well, the project has won the top prize, the Prix Intersection, a prestigious international award highlighting the most innovative initiatives within the police force. This recognition, backed by a network of police services with Canada leading the way, means a lot to me.

The 'Framed' project consists of an online series of eight episodes where young people from Ghent and police officers meet, engage in conversation, and share experiences. Behind this project are hours of intensive research and endless hard work to arrive at the ideal strategy, concept, and marketing. It wasn't an easy task, but the results have certainly been worth it.

Now, the positive impact of this series is not only felt on the streets of Ghent but also recognized. It's a reminder that when we truly listen, communicate, and set aside prejudices, we can achieve great things.

Watch the trailer here:

Written byHamza Ouamari

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